Gotra of Shekhawats

Gotra of Shekhawats

Gotra of Shekhawat: This page contains the hereditary identity of Shekhawat Rajputs of Rajasthan. I am providing few key details of the Shekhawat Clan. Gotra is a lineage system followed in Hinduism, Gotras were emerged primarily from seven or eight sages. There is a difference between Vansh, Kul, Gotra and clan. Shekhawat is a clan but not the Gotra, the gotra of Shekhawat clan is Manav  (Manu). The same is asked by the priest whenever any religious ritual is performed; for example Marriage.


KUL : Kachhwaha 

VANSH: Suryavansh

VED: Samved

GOTRA: Manav (Manu)


KUL DEVTA:  Raja Ram Chandra Ji

NADI: Saryu

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  1. OM SHRI Jamwai mata ji Nmah
    Sawai Singh Shekhawat
    V&Post : Morwa (Pilani)
    Jamwai Mai Mere Pure Priwar par Kripa banaye rakhana.
    Jai ho meri kuldevi Shri Jamwai mai
    Jai ho mere kuldevta SHRI Raja Ram Chander Ji

    1. jai ma jamvay mata ki jai shree om banna
      surendra singh shehawat th. sangliya sikar
      post losal
      county data – ramgrah’

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