Jamwai Mata (Jamwa Ramgarh)

Jamwai Mata Ji also known as Jamwa Mata is situated at Jamwa Ramgarh near Jaipur is the family deity (Kuldevi) of Shekhawats and other Kachhwaha Rajput clans like Rajawats, Nathawats, Narukas, Khangarots, Jasrotias and so on.

The holy temple was built in the 11th century by Kachhwaha Rajput ruler Duleha Rao Ji. The geographical location of Jamwai Mata temple is around 30 Km in the North-East direction of Jaipur. The place is popularly known as Jamwa Ramgarh. It is a big tourist attraction due to Jamwai Mata Temple , Ramgarh lake and wild life sanctuary.

Jamwai Mata

The holy shrine of Jamwai Mata Ji is open for all her believers throughout the year. There is a special pooja which is conducted during the Navratri season by fasting and chanting bhajans in praise of Mata Ji. The locals are very helpful and add to it the temple surroundings are still not much commercialized, hence it is a popular spiritual excursion site for Jaipurites.